Temple Priestess

The Emergence of the New Sacred Temple Priestess by Z-Helene Christopher She is known to us by many names: Isis, Inanna, Astarte, Ishtar, Kali, Demeter, Aphrodite, Virgin Mary, Ceres, Cybele, etc. She is the Great Mother Goddess and she has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. She is, among other things, eternal wisdom, fertility, death and renewal, healing, astrology, agriculture, accounting, protection. And, with the exception of the Virgin Mary and a handful of others, she is most often a sexual goddess whose ancient priestesses were our predecessors.1 I believe that as Middle Eastern dancers ushering in the new millennium, we need to reclaim and reconnect with some of the most sacred and healing principles that these Goddess worshipping priestesses served. But who were these priestesses? And what were they all about? Known in the East by various names, such as entu, quadistu, ishtaritu, hierodoulai, devadasi, horae and har (the words whore and harlot come from these origins), these priestesses were honored citizens of their day. They were afforded much love, respect and wealth and possessed a great spiritual focus when they performed dances, administered to temple rituals and activities and had sexual unions honoring the Goddess and … Continue reading Temple Priestess